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Will run any of hundred installed programs in 2 seconds .
Will save your nerves and health without additional mouse clicks. Forget about long menus and commands - you do not need to remember complex combinations of keys.

All that is needed is to know some letters which are part of the name of the program, website, document or folder.

Ergonomic design. Minimum memory usage. Ready to help you after the first launch.

Save your time for more important tasks!

Our solution - Desktop tools:
AcceleRun window


Typical start menu:
Try to find the program...

Three (3) easy steps to productivity:

  1. Install AcceleRun.
  2. Run AcceleRun first time to index programs.
  3. Start using AcceleRun!

What people say about AcceleRun:

I like this a lot. I was looking for something that would make moving around my computer a lot quicker. I also have ... which does the same thing. I like AcceleRun more. - Colin Whitley (Review at Download.com)

A great utility for busy computers - Tim Smith (Computeractive Software Reviews, Computeractive.co.uk)

...I am using the program often for a few programs I open often... Very Handy Utility. - Delmar Quackenbush


Application launcher

Windows Start Menu Customization wizard

Empty shortcuts wizard

Built-in uninstaller

Built-in expression calculator

Quick Launch bar integration

Audio volume control with a mouse wheel (fastest volume control in the world!)

Application hotkey assigner

AcceleRun can easily bring productivity gains to your notebook, where you can start programs and open documents without using the mouse or touchpad.


The free version of the program has some functional limitations described in the help file.

Once you complete your purchase, you'll immediately receive your registration code.

Also you will get:

  • Free unlimited minor and major version updates
  • No nags
  • Free technical support
  • Product notifications by e-mail
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee



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