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Version 1.3

Cubase compatibility

Version 1.2

Bugs fixed (related to saving .wav files to the disk library)

Version 1.1

  • Stereo samples support
  • Volume ramping
  • SF2, DLS, IT, XM, MT2, S3M, MOD banks importing (full loading and one instrument extracting with the help of the loader)
  • 16 stereo VST channels output, assignable to each instrument.
  • 16 stereo inputs reserved for wave capturing/freezing with SVArTracker cooperation.
  • Instruments on the disk mode, instruments are loaded only on demand.
  • Accepting dropped instruments from the external programs (drag&drop function)
  • New functions: fade in/out, cross fade (useful for stereo waves)
  • Fixed: Floating point overflow with playing at very low frequencies; glide mode bug
  • Version 1.0

    First public release



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