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All Website Visitors is a website log files analyzer.
It is great to know all possible information about your website visitors: where your internet visitors are coming from, which files and pages do they visit. Using All Website Visitors you can get answers to these questions and also will be able to determine the most popular referring websites and pages, hits and actual visits distribution by hours, day of week, months and years. The program generates complex html report with tables and charts.

The program supports the following types of log files: Apache combined log format, W3 extended log format produced by Microsoft IIS.

Logs can be directly downloaded from your website. Compressed .gz log files can be processed without additional extraction.

Report file consist of the following topics:

  • Summary page with total and average information.

    Total hits count; average hits per day, per visitor; total visitors count, average visitors per day, total page views count, average page views per visitor; average page views count; average visit length; direct requests (bookmarks) count, average direct requests count per day; site root referrers count, page referrers count; total outgoing/ingoing traffic, total clear outgoing traffic, average outgoing/ingoing traffic per day, per visitor.

  • Periodical activity (hits and unique visitors) by hours, day of week, months.
  • Time range activity (hits and unique visitors) - activity distributed by the defined time range.
  • Access statistic like: most popular pages, files, folders, images, file extensions, paths through site, entry and exit pages.
  • Popular countries, browsers, operating systems.
  • Robots/Bots/Spiders.
  • Search engines: phrases and keywords.
  • Traffic - outgoing and ingoing.
  • Technical information: missing files.
  • Referrers: URL's, sites, referrers to pages, files, site root, images, icons, to audio and video files.

Do you have your own website? Feel free to place these html reports to your website.




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